Base 12: The Metatrader Platform
Part 4: Operations

The Navigator

This window gives quick access to 4 groups of features.

Log in to Accounts

To log in to one of your accounts, double-click it.

Insertion of Indicateos, Robots and Scripts

To insert an Indicator, Robot or Script, drag it on the graph.

The Terminal Bar

The bar at the bottom of the terminal gives important information about the current financial status of your account, in real time.


Displays the current account balance regardless of open positions.


The equity is the sum you would have if you decided to close your positions.
It goes without saying that capital and equity are equal when no position is open.

Used Margin

The margin used represents the total cost of all positions taken while taking into account the leverage.

Available Margin

The margin available represents the amount available to take additional positions.

Margin Limit or Margin Percentage

The margin limit, or percentage of margin, represents the percentage of margin you are currently using. If it goes below 100%, the broker will close your positions.

Dynamic variation

The equities or funds, margin used, margin available and percentage vary according to the volatility that influences the value of the spreads as well as the value of the prices, which directly affect the value of your positions.

Calculating the Percentage of Margin
The percentage of the available margin should never fall below 500%. As a precaution, many avoid falling below 1000%,
The calculation of the margin is as follows:

The Margin Call
The margin call is when the broker must close your positions and is done when the percentage of available margin falls below the 100% mark. The more positions you open, the lower your margin percentage. Likewise, the bigger your lots, the lower your margin percentage. Suppose you open a lot of positions and / or your lots are big enough and so your percentage goes down to 150: you will have only 50 of free margin (150-100 = 50). The more your positions sink into the negative, the more the percentage of available margin will decrease. A percentage as low as 150% will be quickly absorbed by a small price change and will fall below the 100% limit. At this point, the dealer will close your positions one after the other until the margin percentage returns above 100%. Some brokers even close all positions instantly!

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La négociation de titres implique un risque élevé et ne convient pas à tous les investisseurs. L’effet de levier peut opérer en votre faveur aussi bien que contre vous. Considérez attentivement vos objectifs d’investissement, votre niveau d’expérience et votre appétit du risque. 

Trading in securities involves a high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Leverage can work in your favor as well as against you. Carefully consider your investment goals, level of experience and risk appetite.

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