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Module 1: The Real Mechanics of Trading

The mechanics of trading is this base that you must know beforehand. We will discuss among other things the particularities between the different instruments, what you can do or how to make money when the titles fall, etc. Whether you are a neophyte or experienced, we will evaluate together your basic knowledge of the mechanics of trading and adapt this part of the training to your needs. In doing so, we make sure that everyone undertakes the following modules on an equal footing.

Module 2: Dynamic Analysis

The market has no mercy for those who simply make static analyzes as they are taught everywhere on the internet; even if they are accompanied by a fundamental analysis. Dynamic analysis is essential in a constantly evolving market. As the chart evolves, you must adapt to its ever-changing nature. The practice of dynamic analysis avoids the many pitfalls of graphics in which almost all amateur traders fall.

Module 3: The Real Method

The method taught is simple and effective. It has the advantage of being clear and eliminates uncertainties about the direction of the market. Four easy steps that you will be happy to know.

It understands the fundamentals that are practiced by professional traders. These principles are applied religiously by successful traders. You will quickly realize that this has nothing to do with what is taught on the internet. All lucrative trading methods are based on these principles. Almost all the sellers of "miracle" methods on the internet do not even know these principles.

Module 4: Intelligent Money Management

Knowing how to intelligently manage open positions is an essential requirement for the sophisticated trader. It's almost always what distinguishes between a winning trader and a loser. The severe management of the account, as it is taught here, makes it possible to eliminate more than 50% of the losses. It is also thanks to it that it is possible to maintain a ridiculously low level of risk.

Module 5: Psychology

An essential aspect of trading that professionals do not neglect. You will quickly realize its importance.

Why follow my training

The experience:
I have been trading full-time for eight years and I know what really works and what does not work.
The expertise:
The method is based on the four pillars that have been proven for several decades and are practiced in large institutions.

The yield:

The return is always greater than the risk; what we almost never see.


The yield is regular and constant; I am synchronized like a clock.
Venture capital never exceeds 3% through the account management method I advocate.
I never go on the market unnecessarily. Each of my positions is calculated and reflected.
The discipline:
I let the market decide how much I make but I know exactly the potential loss


Custom Private Online Training


The most efficient and cheapest training.

Condensed training is given in one day.

Follow-up is done following the training.

The documentation is sent to you after the training.

Prices are in canadian dollars.

Pre-Training for Beginners


If you know almost nothing about trading, it is strongly advised to follow the pre-training.

Pre-training lasts half a day.

Who teaches Training and Coaching?

My name is Guy Guérin and I am a trader on my own account, specialist in stock trading and Forex for 8 years. I have only been trading for 3 years.

I also ran a private floor and trained people for a lucrative trading career.


In the company of professional forex traders, I learned a method that is simple, safe and effective.

Once we understand the principle, it is easy to see what does not work with the "miracle" methods found everywhere on the internet.
It is this method and my experience that I make you enjoy in a simple and affordable course.

It's up to you to decide if you want to make an extra income or your main income.
If you want to know more, contact me. It is with pleasure that I will answer your questions.

I invite you to meet me in person and I will be happy to share my passion!

-Guy Guérin

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La négociation de titres implique un risque élevé et ne convient pas à tous les investisseurs. L’effet de levier peut opérer en votre faveur aussi bien que contre vous. Considérez attentivement vos objectifs d’investissement, votre niveau d’expérience et votre appétit du risque. 

Trading in securities involves a high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Leverage can work in your favor as well as against you. Carefully consider your investment goals, level of experience and risk appetite.

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