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According to statistics, 95% of amateur traders lose their money.

Forget about indicators, economic news and the advice of the big gurus of trading to guide you in the choice of your positions: it does not work at all. Everything is cleverly crafted to lure amateur currency traders in one direction or another. Whether by the direction that seems to take a chart, by the fundamental analysis or according to the recommendations of these famous experts.

Many serious sites are only intended to provide the liquidity that large institutions need. Amateur traders are inevitably fooled there. When you see a buy or sell signal, remember that you are not the only one to see it and especially do not forget that institutions see it too. They are forced to wait until they have enough liquidity in the market otherwise they could never place their huge positions. They must therefore accumulate as many positions as possible in one direction to place their orders in the opposite direction and thus drastically reverse the trend. 95% of amateurs are getting fooled every time.

That you know it will change absolutely nothing; you will continue to be fooled again and again and again. Why ? Because you will continue again and again to try the countless miracle methods that abound on the internet hoping to find the Holy Grail. For heaven's sake, do not be stupid as I once was, and do not spend thousands of dollars on courses or methods of using indicators; it's absolutely useless.

Of the hundreds of methods / courses I have listed on the internet, only 2 other methods / courses really work in addition to SPN's. That's barely a tenth of a percent. You came across one of them here but good luck to find the other two. You are going to search until the end of your days because these sites do not advertise, do not make videos on YouTube, do not promise miracles and their sites are not at all designed to attract the eye.

When you do a search on search engines, scammers pay fortunes so that their sites stand out among the firsts, not to mention their promotions appearing in the first three positions.

Some boast of using fundamental analysis and belittle technical analysis as if it were worse. Know that one is not better than the other. Do not be fooled by the exorbitant and endlessly expensive trainings: learning to do the right thing is done in one day. All the rest is just filling to lengthen the course unnecessarily to justify the price. In addition, you will not even trade properly despite the large sum paid.

Why is SPN training so different ?

Its affordable price

Our main source of income comes from trading and that's why I can afford to provide training at such a low cost. Finished once and for all the sinking of money in exorbitant prices. Its very low price of $ 499 CAD makes it the cheapest private formation in Canada and probably throughout North America.

Its short duration

The training goes straight to the point. It has the merit of being clear and concise. Everything that is taught is essential, nothing more, nothing less. Finished once and for all the waste of time with courses that never end.

Its efficient method

The method taught really works. It is based on the fundamental pillars that have proven themselves in large institutions. You will learn quickly to detect the pitfalls in which all fans fall. No other method comes to his ankle.

Its systematic management

La gestion du compte enseignée mise sur la protection du capital, la réduction drastique des pertes et la maximisation des gains. À notre connaissance, aucune gestion du compte n'est aussi The money management taught focuses on capital protection, the drastic reduction of losses and the maximization of earnings. To our knowledge, no account management is so severe.

Its psychological aspect

If you want to become a successful trader, you will have to change your thinking. You will also have to forget everything you have learned about how to trade. You will learn to enter the market in a way that will seem counterintuitive at first, but you will quickly understand why 95% of traders lose money.

You won't waste time with what doesn't work

Only elements that have proven effective are taught. You will not see anything about indicators, moving averages, pivot points, candlesticks, or Fibonacci, Camarilla, etc. Finished once and for all the loss of time with systems that drag you into an endless quest spiral.

We invite you to browse the pages of the site to get to know us better.

"-You want to become an expert in a discipline ?

Then learn it from those who live from it..."

Typical monthly report *

*This monthly report is a typical example of the results obtained by most students, but in no way guarantees the results you will achieve.


​“Hey Guy, just to tell you that thanks to your course,
I make gains of 10% per week including losses! ”

— Christian Pelletier

What we teach is what we use:

You have to apply these essentials basics if you want to make money in trading.

A method that works

There are not fifty-six ways to trade but one. You can tweak your own variant but the base is exactly the same. It is simple, effective and easy to learn. This is the same method that we use every day and that allows us to live trading.

Psychological Aspect

To succeed, you will have to change the way you see things. It is often said that the best trades are the most uncomfortable.

I will show you how to read a graph in a completely different way from what is taught to the general public. you'll see why professionals sell when everyone buys and vice versa.

Dynamic Analysis

Advanced doesn't mean complicated. Professionals make simple analyzes. Static technical analysis is not successful. Markets are dynamic, so technical analysis must be dynamic too. I show you how to do effective dynamic analysis.

Mecanical Aspect

Learn all that is important and necessary to know about the mechanics of the markets. Whether you're talking about CFDs, Equities, Forex or Futures you will discover the characteristics of each market and what makes them move in one direction or another. You will also make gains as the markets sink.

Money Management

Your top priority is to protect your capital and then make gains. Sound management not only protects your account but also maximizes your earnings. It is an essential base. at the pros. We will show you how to manage your account optimally.

Counter-Intuitive Trading

Do not be deceived by the pitfalls of the graph nor by the predictions of the "experts".


I will teach you how to counter-intuitively and to catch the catch that small investors still have. You'll understand why 95% of amateur traders lose money steadily. You will learn what news is really important.

The kind of crap we do not teach:

The internet is sprinkled with idiocies just as wacky as each other.

If you apply these methods, you will never make money.

Indicators et Oscillators

Good to predict the past

"If you want to lose your money, your house, your car, your wife and sleep on a park bench, then the use of indicators is the fastest way to get there."

The Indicators show you what has happened and have no predictive value, no matter how small. Indicators seem good at first glance because they correct themselves as you go.

Candle Patterns

Good for birthday cakes

Myriad forms of all kinds that contradict each other.

There are more than 50 and probably many more now. It is to believe that they invent one for each exception.

The same goes for some chart patterns. You have no time to waste and neither do we.


and other stupidity levels

Do not be fooled by Fibonacci or other levels that are supposed to display support and resistance levels. When shooting hundreds of arrows, it is normal to hit the target once in a while. There are as many levels reached by the price on the charts as there are stars in the universe. The market does what it wants and does not obey any of these rules.

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La négociation de titres implique un risque élevé et ne convient pas à tous les investisseurs. L’effet de levier peut opérer en votre faveur aussi bien que contre vous. Considérez attentivement vos objectifs d’investissement, votre niveau d’expérience et votre appétit du risque. 

Trading in securities involves a high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Leverage can work in your favor as well as against you. Carefully consider your investment goals, level of experience and risk appetite.

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